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CustomPartNet's public part gallery provides engineers and buyers with an easy-to-use library of reference parts. Most engineers routinely use previously manufactured parts as a basis for new design concepts, cost comparisons, and identifying suitable suppliers.

"A previously manufactured similar part helps me understand cost drivers, performance, and processing parameters. It is invaluable, especially during conceptual and initial design phases"
- Engineering Manager, Johnson Controls

For many engineers, locating similar parts can prove quite challenging. Therefore, it is our goal to continually expand the number and diversity of reference parts in our part gallery. We hope that our community of users can contribute to the growth of the part gallery by creating estimates and submitting their own saved parts to be included.

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Suppliers can take advantage of the public part gallery by using it as a showcase for their best parts. Sharing your parts with the community will increase your company's visibility, demonstrate your manufacturing capabilities, and stimulate valuable leads. Upon request, we can link your shared parts to your company listing in our supplier directory. Put your sample parts to work for you.

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