Part Gallery Widgets

The part gallery widget offers a quick and easy way to showcase your best parts. The widget can be embedded on your own site or shared with others to drive qualified leads to your business. Order your own customizable part gallery widget with the following features:
  • Customize the widget size, layout, and color scheme
  • Include your company name, info, website, and logo
  • Display any number of parts with multiple images
  • Choose the part information that you want to show
  • Include the "details" link to access quick cost comparisons for what-if design scenarios
  • Manage the gallery from your workspace to instantly add/remove parts or update part information
For more information, email us at sales@custompartnet.com, or call 301-919-9340.
Sample Part Gallery Widgets

Style #1: Gallery view
Style #2: Thumbnail view (2 images)
Style #2: Thumbnail view (1 image)
Style #3: Bullet view (with header)
Style #3: Bullet view (without header)