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New Online Marketplace to Serve Supplier Discovery Needs of U.S. Buyers

Educators in materials across undergraduate engineering, science, and design are invited to share their experiences at two Spring 2013 events
MTI Systems, Inc. has announced today that since implementing the company’s cost estimating, quoting and process planning software, AAR Precision Systems (Huntsville, AL) has increased their estimating speed by 50%.

The addition of a new Fortus 250 3D printer helps reduce manufacturing time and costs by validating design concepts and identifying potential flaws prior to manufacturing.

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Z Corporation today introduced a rapid prototyping machine that builds high-end functional prototypes at one-third of the price of machines with comparable performance. The ZBuilder™ Ultra will be available in July.
A new blog radio program called "High-Speed Machining and Milling Talk" made its debut on May 17 at This first program is available at the site at any time for the convenience of listeners, as will future shows.
Customers Take Complex Products to Market 50% Faster By Streamlining Design for Manufacturability, Eliminating Time-Consuming Processes and More
New 2011 Offerings Provide Tools to Help Educators Prepare Students for Successful Design Careers
Additive fabrication system maker, Stratasys, Inc., has announced it has delivered its first shipments of HP-branded 3D printers. Stratasys and HP co-developed the exclusive 3D printer systems, which are being manufactured by Stratasys as part of a global manufacturing agreement with HP, as announced in January.
The late business visionary Peter Drucker once stated, "Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship. The act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth." Which simply means that innovation is the life-blood of successful companies.

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In order to give adequate support to organisations who plan to (or already do) use FDM Rapid Manufacturing models for making medical implantable parts, it was decided to provide a document which can be used as a best practice guide.
Consistent and accurate digital design review in your digital manufacturing processes is keyto achieving the productivity, efficiency and profitability benefits that have been promised by3D CAD vendors.
This guide covers the key machining and software requirements for mold makers that are looking to capitalize on the micro‚Äźmilling opportunity.

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