About CustomPartNet


CustomPartNet attracts high-value users from a wide range of engineering disciplines and industries. Our users include students, inventors, designers, manufacturers, and product costing professionals. Currently, we receive over 35,000 visits per month and our community of users continues to grow rapidly. The trusted and long-term connection created between CustomPartNet and its user community offers an unparalleled level of value to advertisers.

CustomPartNet offers several different advertising options, including the following:

Ad Type Content Max Size Locations
Leaderboard Image or Animation 728 x 90 Any page
Skyscraper Image or Animation 160 x 600 Any page expect Overviews
Block Image or Animation 300 x 250 Homepage, Overviews, Estimators
Sponsored Link Text, Logo 600 x 75 Homepage, Overviews, Estimators
Part Gallery Widget Text, Logo, Parts 650 x 150 Homepage, Overviews, Estimators

  • Ads can be placed on individual pages or groups of pages
  • All ad types can link back to any page on your website
  • Advertising rates determined by ad type and number of pageviews
  • Advertising rates available for 1, 3, 6, and 12 month periods
  • Discounts available for multiple advertising types or pages

The number of advertising spots is limited, so contact us today!
Phone: (301) 919-9340

In addition to the standard advertising types mentioned above, we also offer several unique services that can help promote your company.

  • Sponsor content - Do you want to provide more than just an advertisement to our community of users? Sponsored content means that you can add to our process overviews with information on equipment, tooling, materials, or any other related topic, even an entire case study or featured article. Any sponsored content will display your company name and logo at the top with a link back to your website.
  • Sponsor a widget - Many of our popular widgets, such as the speed and feed calculators or clamping force calculator, can be embedded on other sites. Sponsor a widget to add your company name and logo to every copy that our users embed across the internet.
  • Sponsor parts - Parts can be submitted to our public part gallery free of charge. Sponsor your parts to receive the following on each part page: "similar parts" widget showing only your parts, your company information and link to your website, a link to your complete profile with sample parts.
  • Sponsor news - News articles can be submitted to us free of charge and will be posted at our discretion. For an annual fee, your company can sponsor its news and submit a predetermined number of articles and press releases that will be posted the same day. All articles will include your company profile, logo, and link back to your website.

For more information, email us at , or call 301-919-9340.