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About Us

CustomPartNet is the leading online resource for manufacturing cost estimation. Tens of thousands of designers, manufacturers, and product costing professionals visit CustomPartNet each month for the easy-to-use estimation tools and the in-depth manufacturing content. Our online tools allow users to perform quick calculations that facilitate the long product design and costing process. We also gather the latest industry news into one location to keep our busy users informed of the latest developments and trends in the manufacturing and product costing industries.

CustomPartNet is the only resource that provides a variety of free cost estimation tools online. Our intuitive web 2.0 applications can jumpstart the product design and costing process, whether you are just getting started or already working with a jobshop or enterprise product costing solution. Users are able to quickly create a new cost estimate or find a similar part from the public part gallery to use as a baseline estimate. Estimates can be saved, added to part galleries, and even shared with colleagues to collaborate on the estimation process.

CustomPartNet also provides educational content across a wide range of manufacturing processes to help both students and practicing engineers that are new to the manufacturing industry. Process overviews, design guidelines, and an in-depth glossary allow users to explore how a process works and learn how to design more cost effective parts. Our interactive tools include a process selector, material selector, and manufacturing widgets that perform quick calculations to common design and manufacturing problems.

Our goal is to provide enough detail to explain the subtle, yet crucial, relationships between cost, part design, material performance, process selection, and supplier capabilities. At the same time, we are committed to maintaining content that is easy to understand and online tools that are easy to use. We welcome any feedback from our users to ensure that we are providing the information and services that you'd like to see online.

We're glad that you visited our site and hope that you'll return as we continue to add new features and content to help you with your design, manufacturing, and product costing needs. Be sure to tell your colleagues about us too.