Curriculum Resources

CustomPartNet supports educators in their efforts to teach design and manufacturing to pre-engineering and engineering students. We have produced several curriculum resources to assist you, including online lessons, quizzes, and exercises. These resources aim to explain the following concepts to your students:

  • Methods and capabililites of a variety of manufacturing processes
  • Proper process and material selection to meet design requirements
  • Design rules to create optimal part designs for the selected process
  • Cost estimation and tradeoff analyses for new part designs
  • Redesign of part features to reduce cost and improve quality


CustomPartNet delivers interactive lessons to teach about manufacturing processes, materials, and engineering design principles. Lessons are targeted for engineering students and young engineers to supplement classroom and professional experience. Detailed images and animations are used to explain the concepts, and quizzes are included at the end of each lessson. This free online service is part of a continuing effort by CustomPartNet to support the engineering and manufacturing industry.

Injection Molding
Injection Molding Lesson
Part Geometry
Part Geometry


CustomPartNet's exercises are tightly integrated with the overall CustomPartNet service to educate engineers in proper design for manufacturing (DFM) principles. Our cost estimators and part gallery can be used to learn how part geometry, material, and other process parameters affect cost. By creating estimates and performing tradeoff analyses, engineers can learn how to reduce cost and design quality parts.

Injection Molding
Injection Molding Workbook

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