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An opening at the end of a runner, which directs the flow of molten material into the mold cavity.


Cylindrical parts with teeth around their perimeter which can mesh with other toothed parts to transmit motion. (Includes: cogs, pinions, sprockets, etc)

Glass Transition Temperature (Tg)

he approximate midpoint of the brittle to rubbery temperature range of a polymer. The glass transition temperature of a polymer will often appear as a spike on a difference scanning calorimeter (DSC).

Gray Cast Iron

A cast iron that gives a gray fracture due to the presence of flake graphite. Often called gray iron.


A turning operation in which a single-point tool moves radially, into the side of the workpiece, cutting a groove equal in width to the cutting tool. If the desired groove width is larger than the tool width, multiple adjacent grooves will be cut. A profiling cut can be performed to smooth the surface of multiple grooves. Special form tools can also be used to create grooves of varying geometries.

Grooving - Grooving
Grooving - Grooving (Form tools)
Grooving (Form tools)


A thin triangular support structure that joins the vertical side of a protrusion to the horizontal base from which it protrudes.

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